The corals that you see in your dealers tanks go through quite an ordeal to get there.  First, they are captured from the reef by a diver or collector, then go to a jobber or holding facility, after that they go to a wholesaler and then finally to your retailer.  As you can see, these delicate creatures are handled many times and go through quite an ordeal before they arrive at your pet shop.  Many don't make it at all.
This brings us back to aqua cultured corals.  When you buy your corals from AquaCorals, they go from their tank to yours.  No middlemen.  No unnecessary handling.  Your corals will be much healthier and less prone to disease.
Now that you have an understanding about aqua cultured corals, let's get back to Penny and AquaCorals.  When I called AquaCorals for the first time to place an order, I spoke to Penny.  Not a sales person but the owner herself.  She took a genuine interest in me and asked questions about my reef tank and what best suited my needs.  She also offered many valuable suggestions.  At no time did I feel rushed or pressured and she spent a considerable amount of time on the phone with me.  I was very impressed with her dedication and helpfulness.
At that time, I placed an order for three corals, a Colt, Toadstool, and Sinularia.  I wanted the Neon Green Tree coral also but she didn't think it would be ready yet. 
The shipment arrived at around ten the next morning.  Everything was nicely packed and arrived in excellent condition.  But wait, I only ordered three corals and there were four bags in there.  Well, what a surprise when I found the Neon Green Tree Coral in there too!  Needless to say, I was quite happy.
Anyway, I am very pleased with Penny and AquaCorals and will definitely recommend her to anyone.  It's not every day you find someone who truly cares about their customers and the products they sell.
By the way, the picture above is the Colt coral I received from AquaCorals.  I took it after being in my tank for one week. 
Alan Buonforte
To Penny @ AquaCorals:
I would like to offer this testimonial to your potential customers who may be visiting your web site for the first time...
It was quite by accident that I stumbled upon Penny's site.  I happened to be reading a post in the forums at Reef Aquarium Central where someone recommended AquaCorals and posted a link to their web site.  I decided to check it out.
AquaCorals specializes in aqua cultured soft corals.  Now, what exactly does that mean?
Simply that aqua cultured corals are fragmented from larger or mother colony corals.
Why is this important?  Well, too understand why this is the best way to buy your corals, it's important to first understand the process in which wild caught corals get to your pet shop or retailer.